Neil Patel

Neil Patel – Pro Blogger – Teacher – Internet Marketer – Guru


I have been on the internet experimenting with and searching for key approaches to ecommerce and marketing. I feel that I have found a wonderful addition to my quest for internet success!


In my search, I discovered a young entrepreneur named Neil Patel. I was attracted to his

work on the internet via a site named; Kissmetrics. I have also discovered another website; Quick Sprout as well as another creation titled Crazy Egg. They are all high quality and render valuable information and insight into the IM world. Neil’s talents seem endless. His approach to search engine optimization is endless for attracting free organic traffic. He is a dynamo when it comes to blogging and attracting readers.


Neil leads by example and teaches the correct approach to building a successful presence on the net. Not only giving stellar direction, he will also critique the work of his students and suggest possibilities for a successful journey and end result. I recommend you check him out at:


I have com to the conclusion, no matter what the industry or subject matter, Neil has the creative ability to adapt to any subject and develop an approach to use on the web to attract targeted readers. His skills are endless and effective in the internet marketing arena!