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while blogging among adults over 30 increased from 7% to 11%. However, the growing number of multi-platform blogging apps has increased mobile blogging popularity

blogging-for-personal-brandingBlogging for Personal Branding
from trishaokubo, ago in
10 Steps to Building Your Personal Brand via blogging, using nationally-recognized fashion blog Omiru: Style for All (www.omiru.com) as a case study. Omiru has been featured by the Wall Street Journal, Lucky Magazine, and Real Simple Magazine. These slides are for Web 2.0 Expo, for a workshop on Blogging and Social Media Marketing.

7 Ways From Sunday: 7 True Things From 7 Years of Blogging
Patheos (blog), on Wed, 20 Apr 2016 12:30:00 -0700
7 years into blogging (and 15 years into ministry), I see less moral posturing, and more hands-in-dirt, hearts-engaged ministry. We still have miles to go– but I am encouraged, every day, by stories of faith communities learning to be present where

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